Training uniform

[edited on November 2020]

The following dress code is our krav maga uniform :

  • plain white t-shirt
  • black martial arts pants
  • colored belt corresponding to your rank
  • clean indoor sneakers (used exclusively for training), or bare feet.
Krav Maga uniform

Protection gear

In order to train in the safest environment, we highly recommend the following protective equipment to own and wear :

  • a groin guard (men and women)
  • a pair of shin pads for sparring and training
  • a pair of boxing glove (not MMA gloves), weight 12 oz minimum for man 8 oz minimum for woman

However you don’t need to get the full gear when you start at the complete beginner level. First, you will learn some basics of self-defense and fighting techniques during a few classes before levelling up to sparring drills with light contacts.

Krav Maga training gear

For more comfort, we advise the following complementary protective items:

  • a protecting breast plate (for women)

  • mouth guard (when sparring)

  • kneepads (volleyball style), which are very useful during practice on the ground and during other specific exercises

Practical information

Where to buy martial arts gear in Bangkok? Which brands, what price?

Overview: what and where to buy, and at what price

Where to buy krav maga gear in Bangkok

Check out the table to have a rough budget estimate for the gear

Note: the information about prices and shops might have changed since the date I wrote this article. I am not affiliated to any of the brands and stores listed below, I’m just sharing my personal and sincere advice with you from my own experience.

If you have any other recommandations, feel free to contact us so we can enrich this article. 

Online stores

You can find almost all the gear online on Lazada, Shopee, AliExpress or Decathlon for decent prices.

Check out Super Export Shop and Fairtex online store as well.

Boxing gloves and shin guards:

If you want quality boxing gloves and shin guards, I recommend the brands Twins Special, Fairtex, Top King or Yokkao.

They are good quality brands, the products will last for years! My Twins Special gloves and shin guards are almost 10 years old and are still in good conditions:

  • Twins Special 12 oz. gloves should be around 1500 THB and
  • shin guard around 1600 THB.
    (If you target cheaper products, Decathlon store or Lazada, Shopee or AliExpress are good alternatives starting from 300 THB for the cheapest boxing gloves and 270 THB for the cheapest shin guards.)

Groin guards:

Male groin guard. You can find some in any Muay Thai store. Or online, on Lazada, Shopee. or AliExpress, with price starting from 100 THB for the cheapest. If you prefer quality and comfort, I recommend the brand Shock Doctor, (that’s the one I have), very good. So far I haven’t found this brand in shops in Thailand but they have it on Lazada.

Female groin protections are harder to find in Bangkok boxing shops.

The most convenient would be to order online from Lazzada. Shopee or AliExpress (edit 20 sept. 2020: I have spotted groin protector and breast protector on Decathlon website).

Female groin guards:

Be careful not to mistaken with the male groin guard.

See groin protector on Decathlon website.

Female chest guard:

Female chest guard

See product on Decathlon website

Stores in Bangkok


You can find almost everything there for cheap price (groin guard for male, shin guards, boxing gloves). See online store.


Super Sports (stores in malls)

Find the stores locations here.

Seen in Central Chitlom 4th floor:

  • Groin protector brand FTB (700 THB)
  • Gloves brand FBT (2000 THB)

Shops close to National Stadium

Near  BTS National Stadium
Shops at crossroad (Rama IV – Banthat Thong Road). One is Action Zone and another one next to it.
View on Google maps

Shop on Banthat Thong Road
See location on the map. It’s on the right side of the road when you walk South if you come from Sukhumvit road.
View on Google maps

Fairtex store at  « I ‘m Park » Community Mall Branch (Third Floor)
353 Soi Chula 22 Charoen Mueang Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok
View on Google maps

Shops in Lumphini area

Top King
They have only gloves and shin guards there.
View on Google maps

Other shop in the Lumpini area (Rama IV)
They have only gloves and shin guards there.
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