A black belt is a white belt who never gave up
Colored Belts
  • “What techniques shall I learn/master first?”
  • “How many techniques are there to learn in Krav Maga?”
  • “How can I measure my progress?”
  • “How do I know I’ve got good skills?”
  • “What’s the difference between beginners, intermediate, advanced students?”

Those are questions that most students have when they start learning Krav Maga. Maybe it is also your case?

Hopefully a grading system is set to guide you and help you know what’s ahead.

At Siam Krav Maga we follow the belt grading system of the FEKM.

At the beginning of you journey, you start as a white belt. At the end of each year you can pass a test to move forward to a higher grade represented by a colored belt.

Each belt has its specific curriculum. Each curriculum requires the student to master specific strikes, kicks, defenses and counter attacks for different reality-based situations. As the you progress, the syllabus will include weapons defenses (knife, bat, gun…), sparring, multiple attackers etc.

[Download the curriculum in English]  |  [Download the curriculum in French]

Nevertheless you can practice Krav Maga without taking any exams. This is absolutely not compulsory. Holding a colored belt or not, the idea when learning is that you shall have a sincere practice of the art, be honest with yourself and be aware of your knowledge. And of course have the will to improve your skills.

What are the benefits of a grading system?

  • Krav Maga is rich of a wide range of techniques for reality-based situations. The curriculum is designed to help the students learn efficiently without being overwhelmed. You start with simple techniques and go step by step from basics to harder techniques.
  • You can set goals to achieve.
  • You know where you are at in term of knowledge and it helps you measure your progress.
  • It gives you physical and mental challenges (to obtain a superior belt you have to pass an exam).

How many belts in Krav Maga?

From the white belt you progress each year to obtain a colored belt that becomes darker and darker (yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black).

Once you reach the black belt, after un minimum of 6 years of practice, you are 1st Darga. Then after 2 more years, you can decide to take the test to obtain the 2nd Darga, then the 3rd Darga 3 years after obtaining the 2nd Darga, then the 4th Darga 4 years after the 3rd Darga etc.

Krav Maga belts

How to obtain a superior grade in Krav Maga?

At the end of the yearly session, you take the belt test to show that you master the techniques required in the curriculum. From the yellow to the brown belt, the test are conducted by your instructors. For the black belt grade and above, the students have to take a national exam.