We offer Krav Maga courses in Bangkok Thailand,

a complete and efficient reality based self-defense system.

Only private classes are available for now.

Our group classes are temporarily suspended. Updates will be available via our official Facebook page and Instagram account.

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Your last line of defense is you!

What will you do the day you must defend yourself or your loved ones against an attack?

Our krav maga classes are for you if you wish to:

Siam Krav Maga Bangkok Thailand fight


Siam Krav Maga Bangkok Thailand self-confidence


Siam Krav Maga Bangkok Thailand fitness


Siam Krav Maga Bangkok Thailand


Krav maga is designed for real life situations:

Check out the video for an overview of our self-defence classes:

Courses are instructed in French  and in English 
by a certified instructor from the FEKM, the largest Krav Maga federation in the world,
2nd Darga black belt, 13 years of experience.

Our students reviews

  • Time to get yourself better prepared for dangerous situations! What better way to start training and getting some fitness going with siam Krav Maga

    Kenneth Chang Avatar Kenneth Chang
    23 août 2017

    Stéphane is an excellent teacher. He focuses heavily on technique and is always correcting even the smallest details. He assesses each students level and gives us exercises and techniques that are appropriate no matter if the students are beginners or advanced. The class starts with about 20 minutes of cardio warm-up, strength and speed training. The rest of the class is technique. He does a great job of describing why we do specific moves and what situations they are appropriate for. He is not only teaching combat but the correct way to handle an attempted mugging, rape, intrusion or street fight which may not require any combat at all. I took 2 months of Muay Thai before this class and liked it but this class is much more practical and useful in real life. Stéphane is a native French speaker but teaches the class in English. His English is very good and you should have no problem understanding all of his directions. This is another thing I like about the class, all of the Muay Thai teachers did not speak English well and I don't speak Thai so I am sure there was a lot about the sport that they could not teach me. Go try it, you will like it.

    Michael Burdge Avatar Michael Burdge
    7 juillet 2017

    Super pour faire du Krav Maga dans une ambiance décontractée et motivante. Stephane est un excellent pédagogue. Une belle découverte qui m'a donné envie de poursuivre cette discipline une fois rentrée à Paris. Merci!!!!

    Mado Portmann Avatar Mado Portmann
    3 juillet 2017
  • Just awesome. Really awesome!

    Peerada Valyasevi Avatar Peerada Valyasevi
    27 juin 2017

    Pratiquant le Krav Maga à Lyon,j'en ai profité étant de passage à Bangkok pour prendre une leçon au Krav Maga Siam.j'en suis reparti entièrement satisfait par le contenu de la séance et par les explications et la gentillesse du professeur. Je conseille fortement ce club. Je reviendrai en novembre

    Jean Michel Huyghe Avatar Jean Michel Huyghe
    16 mars 2017

    Great place to learn. Stéphane is a fantastic instructor. Very patient and you can tell he really wants you to succeeded. Highly recommended!

    Patrick Kowalski Avatar Patrick Kowalski
    25 octobre 2016
  • I started Krav Maga with Siam Krav Maga a month ago and I am really satisfied with all the courses I have done so far. The instructor is patient and really dedicated to each student. He really wants all of us to make the most out of each course and develop our skills. I can already feel the benefits of the cardio trainings and I feel more confident about the self defence techniques I have learned. I highly recommend this courses!

    Caroline Savin Avatar Caroline Savin
    24 janvier 2016

    Not only patient, Say's also funny in class! Very practical self-defense moves for every situation.

    Christine Ng Avatar Christine Ng
    8 septembre 2015

    Says is a good and passionate teacher who also listens and cares about his pupils. He doesn t only tell you what to do but how to think in certain situations, which really helps in remembering the class.

    Sara Manzano Avatar Sara Manzano
    7 septembre 2015

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